Accessibility Statement

In this statement, our goal is to facilitate usage and improve our service regarding accessibility and equal rights for people with disabilities.

Our accessibility compliance has been carried out in accordance with Regulation 35 of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments for Service) Regulations, 2013, to AA level, subject to changes and adjustments made in the Israeli standard document.

Accessibility compliance has been tested on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, and Edge.

Existing accessibility features on the website include:

  1. Support for all standard browsers (such as Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla).
  2. Website content is written in clear language with readable fonts.
  3. Website structure is built with headings, paragraphs, and lists.
  4. Navigation on the website is simple and convenient, including accessible and clear menus.
  5. Links on the site are clear and provide explanations of where they lead upon clicking.
  6. Links at the beginning of the page allow skipping to content.
  7. Text descriptions for images and icons for assistive technologies.
  8. Adaptation of the site to different screen resolutions (responsiveness).
  9. Play and pause buttons for video galleries.
  10. Implementation of ARIA landmarks to interpret site content accurately.
  11. Accessibility of menus, forms, fields, heading hierarchy, tab components, pop-up windows, and more.
  12. Change of display on the site.

Users can zoom in or out of the site by using the accessibility menu along with the mouse wheel or, alternatively, for zooming in or out.

Font size changes can be made using the accessibility menu on the site.

Users without a mouse or those unable to use it can activate site features by pressing the “TAB” key. Each press will move the focus to the next option on the site.

Pressing the “Enter” key will activate the link currently selected by the focus.

The site does not include flashes, flickers, or moving content. In places where such content exists, it can be stopped by clicking on it, and navigation can be done using the accessibility menu.

Adaptation of the site for visually impaired users:

Basic vision magnifiers (resolutions). Accessibility gates.

The site management does its best to ensure that all displayed pages are accessible. However, there may be pages that have not yet been made accessible or do not have a suitable technological solution for their accessibility. In addition, in external advertisements entered by businesses advertising on the site, accessibility may not be complete or sufficient.

Encountered a problem? We are here to help!

Contact details for accessibility issues on the site:

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