Are you tired of getting lost during your outdoor adventures due to poor cell coverage or a dead smartphone battery? Look no further than the Bushnell BackTrack Mini GPS. This portable and waterproof GPS device is designed specifically for hiking, hunting, and backpacking, ensuring that you can always find your way back to your basecamp or trailhead.

Design and Quality

The Bushnell BackTrack Mini GPS boasts a rugged and durable design, capable of withstanding the challenges of any outdoor expedition. Its waterproof construction ensures that it remains functional even in harsh weather conditions. The device features an easy-to-read display and large glove-friendly buttons, making it convenient to use while you’re on the move.

Key Features and Functionality

One of the standout features of the BackTrack Mini is its GPS technology, which allows you to capture your trip or waypoint. This enables you to navigate back to your starting position effortlessly. The device’s battery lasts an impressive 35 hours, providing you with extended usage during your outdoor excursions.

Additionally, the BackTrack Mini GPS offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to store and share your trips and waypoints. You can easily view and sync your data with the Bushnell Connect app on your smartphone, providing you with a seamless and convenient experience.

Moreover, this GPS device provides you with valuable information such as elevation gain and decline, barometric pressure, sunrise and sunset times, and moonrise and moonset data. These features not only enhance your navigation capabilities but also add to the overall utility of the device.

Comparison with Similar Products

Compared to other similar GPS devices on the market, the Bushnell BackTrack Mini stands out due to its compact size, user-friendly interface, and robust features. While other products may offer similar functionality, the BackTrack Mini excels in terms of its durability and ease of use, making it an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons


  • Rugged and waterproof design for durability in outdoor environments
  • Long-lasting battery life of up to 35 hours
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy data sharing and storage
  • Easy-to-read display and large glove-friendly buttons
  • Provides valuable information on elevation, barometric pressure, and celestial data


  • Lack of comprehensive instructions in the user manual
  • Limited availability of online resources for troubleshooting and support

Genuine User Experiences and Testimonials

Many users in the United States have shared their positive experiences with the Bushnell BackTrack Mini GPS. One customer, Amazon Customer nutbutter, appreciated the device but wished for better instructions, stating, “But wish the instructions were better, mostly it’s figure it out yourself.”

On the other hand, Holly M. Wright expressed her satisfaction with the device, emphasizing its simplicity and reliability. She stated, “I couldn’t be happier. All I wanted was the direction, and it does it perfectly.”

Tips and Tricks

To maximize your experience with the BackTrack Mini GPS, here are a few tips:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the device’s interface and button functions before heading out on your adventure.
  2. Make use of the Bluetooth connectivity to sync your data with the Bushnell Connect app for easy trip management.
  3. Consider carrying a micro USB charger or power bank to recharge the device during longer outings.


Q: Are the instructions provided with the BackTrack Mini GPS sufficient? A: Some users have found the instructions to be lacking in detail, requiring them to figure out certain functionalities on their own. However, there are online resources available for additional guidance.

Q: Can the BackTrack Mini GPS provide real-time navigation with turn-by-turn directions? A: No, this device is primarily designed for capturing trips and waypoints and

does not offer real-time navigation with turn-by-turn directions. Its main purpose is to help you find your way back to your starting point.

Q: Can I use the BackTrack Mini GPS for other outdoor activities like biking or geocaching? A: While the BackTrack Mini GPS is primarily designed for hiking, hunting, and backpacking, you can certainly use it for other outdoor activities as well. However, keep in mind that it lacks certain features specifically tailored to activities like biking or geocaching.

Q: Is the BackTrack Mini GPS compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones? A: Yes, the BackTrack Mini GPS is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. You can easily sync your trips and waypoints to the Bushnell Connect app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.


In conclusion, the Bushnell BackTrack Mini GPS is an excellent companion for outdoor enthusiasts who value simplicity, reliability, and durability. With its compact size, user-friendly interface, and robust features, it ensures that you never lose your way during hiking, backpacking, or hunting trips. Despite some shortcomings in the user manual and limited online support, the device’s overall performance and functionality make it a worthy investment.

Whether you’re a casual hiker or an avid backpacker, the Bushnell BackTrack Mini GPS will help you navigate confidently and securely. Its long battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and informative display make it an indispensable tool for exploring the great outdoors. So, leave your worries about cell coverage and dead smartphone batteries behind, and equip yourself with the Bushnell BackTrack Mini GPS for your next adventure.

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