I recently came across the REDCAMP Portable Camping Kitchen Table, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts. This all-in-one camping table is designed to make your outdoor cooking and dining experience a breeze. It offers a variety of features that are essential for any camping trip, including a sturdy design, ample storage space, and easy portability. In this review, I’ll delve into the details of this fantastic camping table and explain why it’s a must-have for your next adventure.

Design and Quality

The REDCAMP Portable Camping Kitchen Table is built to last. It features a durable aluminum alloy frame with X-shape side supports and secure latches that ensure stability during use. The powder coating wire adds extra strength to the table, making it capable of withstanding the rigors of outdoor activities. I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail in the design, as it includes a metal grate on one side, which is perfect for placing hot pots and pans without worrying about damaging the surface.

Key Features and Functionality

This camping table shines when it comes to its key features and functionality. First and foremost, the oversized storage bag is a game-changer. It’s divided into two areas and equipped with a zipper, Velcro, and two separate boards, allowing you to neatly organize your food, drinks, and cutlery. The left side of the table features a metal grate surface, ideal for cooking directly over a stove or campfire, while the right side provides a spacious prepping area. The two-tiered storage on the right is perfect for keeping your cooking pots, pans, and other essentials within easy reach.

Benefits for the User

The REDCAMP Portable Camping Kitchen Table offers several benefits for outdoor enthusiasts. Firstly, its foldable design and lightweight construction make it incredibly easy to carry and store. The portable handles further enhance its portability, allowing you to effortlessly transport it from one location to another. Additionally, the multifunctional nature of this table makes it suitable for various outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, parties, and BBQs. It can even double as a dining table for indoor use, adding versatility to its functionality.

Comparison with Similar Products

When comparing the REDCAMP Portable Camping Kitchen Table with similar products on the market, it stands out for several reasons. Firstly, its sturdy construction and secure latches provide a level of stability that sets it apart from many other camping tables. The inclusion of the metal grate surface for cooking is also a unique feature that gives it an edge over competitors. Moreover, the oversized storage bag and two-tiered storage system offer unparalleled organization options, ensuring that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Pros and Cons

Like any product, the REDCAMP Portable Camping Kitchen Table has its pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros. Firstly, its durability and stability are remarkable, thanks to the aluminum alloy frame and X-shape side supports. The ample storage space and organizational features are a big plus, allowing you to keep your camping essentials neatly arranged. The foldable design and lightweight construction make it highly portable, ensuring hassle-free transportation.
However, one drawback I noticed is that some users found the table to be less sturdy than expected, requiring additional reinforcement. While this issue can be addressed, it’s worth mentioning. Additionally, a few users received the product as a gift and were unable to provide feedback on its performance.

User Expriance

Let’s take a look at what users have to say about the REDCAMP Portable Camping Kitchen Table. Mia, a satisfied customer, praised the table for its versatility and functionality. She mentioned that the metal grate surface was perfect for her two-burner stove, while the spacious prepping area made cooking and transferring food a breeze. She also highlighted the ample storage space, which neatly accommodated all her cooking pots, pans, and spices. Mia highly recommended this table and emphasized its ease of assembly and disassembly.

Another user, Dawn, was impressed with how quick and easy it was to set up and take down the table. She mentioned that a single person could handle the process without any difficulty, highlighting the convenience factor of this camping table.

On the other hand, LeAnne Carmichael expressed a concern about the table’s structural soundness. While she found it to be less sturdy, she acknowledged that her fiancĂ© was able to reinforce it and make it more stable. This feedback indicates that some users might find the table’s stability to be a potential area for improvement.

Unfortunately, there was a user named wartwitch who received the table as a gift, so they were unable to provide feedback on its performance. However, it’s worth noting that the table can make for a thoughtful and practical gift option.

Mark Kadrich shared a positive experience with the REDCAMP Portable Camping Kitchen Table, stating that it was easy to set up and break down. He mentioned using it with a portable gas grill and appreciated how well it fit into their RV storage area. Mark even contemplated getting another one as a prep table for parties, further emphasizing its versatility.

Tips and Tricks

To make the most out of your REDCAMP Portable Camping Kitchen Table, here are a few tips and tricks:
When setting up the table, ensure that all latches are securely fastened to maximize stability.
Utilize the two-tiered storage system for efficient organization. Separate your cooking utensils, pots, and pans for easy access.
Take advantage of the metal grate surface for direct cooking over heat sources.
Use the detachable storage bag to pack and transport your food, drinks, and cutlery conveniently.
Regularly clean the table after each use to maintain its quality and extend its lifespan.


Q: Can the table withstand heavy loads?
A: The table is designed to be sturdy and can support moderate loads. However, it’s advisable to distribute the weight evenly for optimal stability.
Q: Is the storage bag waterproof?
A: While the storage bag is made from durable materials, it is not completely waterproof. It provides some protection against light rain, but it’s best to keep it sheltered during heavy downpours.

Q: Can the table be used as a countertop in an RV?
A: Yes, the table can be used as a countertop in an RV or any indoor setting where a portable surface is needed.


In summary, the REDCAMP Portable Camping Kitchen Table is a reliable and versatile companion for any outdoor adventure. Its sturdy construction, ample storage space, and thoughtful design make it a standout product in its category. While some users have mentioned concerns about its stability, reinforcing it can address this issue. The positive user experiences, such as Mia’s and Mark Kadrich’s, highlight the table’s practicality and ease of use. With proper care and utilization of its features, this camping table is sure to enhance your outdoor cooking and dining experiences. I highly recommend it to campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone in need of a portable and functional kitchen setup.

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