Hey there, outdoor lovers! Today, I want to share my thoughts on the TCEK Swivel Portable Chair, a game-changer for all your outdoor adventures. This small, compact chair claims to set up in just 8 seconds and offers a 360-degree swivel feature. So, is it worth the hype? Let’s dive into this review.


Design and Quality

The TCEK camping chair is built like a tank, and that’s a good thing. It’s made from rustproof aircraft-grade aluminum and waterproof, tear-resistant nylon with sturdy double stitching. Plus, those large anti-slip, wear-resistant rubber feet provide extra stability. I’m a big guy, and this chair can handle me without breaking a sweat. So, no worries about durability here!

Setting Up in a Blink

The real star of the show is its setup speed. Just 8 seconds, folks! Unleash the strap, release the leg strap, extend the arms, and voilà, you’re ready to sit back and relax. No fiddling with detachable parts, which is a real plus. It’s perfect for anyone who hates those bulky, hard-to-setup chairs.


The TCEK chair’s compact size is a traveler’s dream. Packed up, it’s just 13.4” x 3.7” x 3.7”, and it weighs only 3.55 lbs. Plus, it comes with a convenient carrying bag. You can easily toss this lightweight gem into your car or backpack. The compact size also means you can carry multiple chairs, ensuring your friends are as comfortable as you are.

How It Swivels

Now, onto the main attraction – the 360-degree swivel. It’s a game-changer! You can effortlessly rotate to find the perfect spot without getting up. Perfect for enjoying the panoramic view of your campsite or following the action at a sports event. Just be sure to set it up on flat ground, or you might find yourself unintentionally joining a downhill race.

User Reviews

Let’s check out some thoughts from other users:

J. Stein: “Solidly built. Easy to set up and take down. Pretty comfortable. Carry bag needs a longer strap.”

Bill S.: “Easy to open and close. Comfortable and sturdy. Watch out for uneven ground!”

Laney: “Took a bit to figure out the setup, but comfortable once I did. A bit heavy for me at conventions, but great for the beach and camping.”

Andreas: “I love the swivel feature! TCEK wins for comfort and usability.”

Kevin.P: “Comfortable and easy to use. Perfect for the beach. Highly recommend!”

CT: “Loved it initially, but the legs started to deform after a few hours. Needs some design improvements.”

np: “Great chair! Sturdy, comfortable, and swivels. Excellent customer service.”

Pros and Cons


  • Durable build that can handle up to 300 lbs
  • Lightning-fast setup in 8 seconds
  • Compact and portable
  • Swivel feature for convenience
  • Comfortable for extended sitting
  • Excellent customer service


  • Tricky on uneven ground
  • Carry bag could use a longer strap
  • Some durability concerns with leg deformation

Why Choose TCEK?

So, why should you choose the TCEK Swivel Portable Chair over others? Well, it’s a robust, user-friendly, and innovative outdoor companion. The swivel feature adds a new dimension of comfort, and its durability ensures it’ll be your camping buddy for years to come.

User Experiences and Tips

Users have found this chair perfect for camping, sports events, and even conventions. It’s best suited for those who value convenience and comfort on their outdoor journeys. Just remember to set it up on even ground and consider rust protection in humid environments.


Q: Is this chair suitable for tall people? A: Absolutely! Even at 6’0″, you’ll find it comfortable.

Q: Can I use it on soft sand? A: It’s not ideal for soft sand, but there are workarounds to prevent sinking.


In conclusion, the TCEK Swivel Portable Chair is a solid choice for outdoor enthusiasts. With its lightning-fast setup, swivel feature, and durability, it’s a winner. Sure, there are a few quirks, but they don’t outweigh the benefits. So, whether you’re heading to a campsite, beach, or sports game, this chair is ready to make your outdoor experience even more enjoyable. Happy adventuring!

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